Freedom10 Fitness, LLC




Barb Roberts - Russian kettlebell Instructor educated in the philosophy of fitness developed by Ron Morris.


PRIVATE and SMALL GROUP Fitness Education


    Monday through Thursday ~ 4 pm to 8 pm

   Friday ~ 8 am to  6 pm

   Saturday ~ 8 am to 2 pm

   Sunday ~ 8 am to 12 pm   


I was first introduced to the kettlebell in 2005.  It was not until I experienced kettlebells with Ron Morris that I understood the full dynamics and benefits of the kettlebell.  In April 2008 I was invited to attend a workshop by Ron Morris.  I do not know why I went; it does not matter why.  It only matters that I showed up and it changed my life!  You want to be healthier?  You will be.  You want to lose weight and inches?  You will.  You want to gain strength?  You will.


For me the greatest part of my experience is that I have discovered things about myself that I did not know or were hidden for many years.  I have gained knowledge and tools to find my strength, to be myself and release my true spirit.  I have learned how to acknowledge, feel and let go of the emotions necessary to grow and change both mentally and physically.  This has helped me uncover the very strong and powerful woman within.


I did not plan on being part of the kettlebell community.  I did not seek it out and now it's part of my daily life.  I have discovered that the greatest feeling is not seeking and achieving what you think you desire; it's having your desire show up on its own, stop you in your tracks and show you there is no end.


I look forward to sharing kettlebells with others!  Just show up!



      "What happens tomorrow depends upon today."